By pooling capital from a group of investors, like those invested in the Eagle Rock Diversified Fund, we are able to provide access for investors to top hedge funds each with minimum investment requirements generally of $1 million or more and that:

  • in many cases, are closed to new investors (particularly individual and smaller institutions) regardless of the amount of their potential investment. Hedge funds are limited in the number of investors they can bring into their funds. Successful hedge funds are very selective when providing access to investors.
  • prefer to attract large institutional investors (pensions, endowments, trusts, family offices, fund of funds and ultra high net worth individuals) capable of easily exceeding typical hedge fund minimum investment requirements of $1 million or higher. Some hedge funds have minimum investment requirements of $20 million and higher.
  • would not otherwise be available to the Eagle Rock Diversified FundÂ’s investors separately or to other than the really high net worth individual or mid-size institutional investor.
  • value working with the General Partner of the Eagle Rock Diversified Fund and appreciate the up front due diligence and post-investing monitoring maintained with every hedge fund in which an Eagle Rock investment is made.

By pooling investors’ capital and dealing with top level hedge fund managers in a peer relationship the Eagle Rock Diversified Fund can meet the minimum investment requirements of the underlying hedge funds while only taking up one of the limited investment slots that are available in any hedge fund.* This makes the Eagle Rock Fund attractive to best in class hedge funds.

* Note: There are two types of hedge funds depending on the financial strengths of their investors. One type can have up to 100 limited partner investors. The second type can have up to 500 limited partner investors. Even though an Eagle Rock Diversified Fund investment represents the capital of many limited partner investors the pooled investment itself only takes up one of the limited number of investment slots in any given hedge fund.

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